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In Review :- The Petzl E-light

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What’s it for?
Petzl don’t mess around and since 1936 have been pushing the limits of exploration and engineering helping the outdoor community do what they do safe in the knowledge that it’s some of the best kit for the job and this micro head torch is no exception.
This super compact light is described as an emergency light with the ability to give off a handy 27 lumens at 29 metres and the ability to be stored in your emergency kits for up to ten long years and still remain operational all this from a 27g package. That is a lot of punch from a head torch you could choke a mouse on (No mice have been hurt in this review).
Since the E-light came out I have owned both versions of it the early version coming in a pill shaped case and using an elastic band with a sliding whistle attached that was also used to tighten up the head strap clever stuff as always, these are still available in some outlets. With the newer version you don’t get the storage case or the emergency whistle but you do get a neat well thought out head touch with a retractable head cord that still sits well and feels comfortable.
I can fully understand the aim of this bit of kit and it is handy not only as an emergency light but also as great little light for around the tent or to stash in your down jacket so as soon and you sit down in winter to brew up you have light and warmth sat in you dry bag top of your rucksack ready to go. Personally I think sticking this in an emergency kit with and not using it is a bit of a shame it’s to handy not to use.

Does it work?
Yes of course it does! are you going to eliminate and entire hill side or cut through the murky darkness of some huge cave? No you are not. But it is great to store and easy to use fits in your pocket with no issues, and with many setting ranging from flashing red or white and constant red or white light options and also a lock so it does go off in your pocket this is a great choice for any camping trip it has a great wide beam and won’t burn out the retinas out of your camping partner when you look at them. Some might need a brighter head torch for walking at night but for me this has been fine and as for around the tent reading a book in your sleeping bag on a cold night this is ideal. The biggest and brightest are not always the best for the job so before you rush out and buy a head torches to choose from out on the market to choose wise and make sure its fit for purpose.


Even fits round your wine glass for when wine meets maps!

Great micro package from Petzl that you can pick up for around £20 Enjoy


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